These are a selection of articles that I have had published elsewhere, including a number of book reviews.

Marx, ecology and industrial agriculture
Solidarity magazine, Australia, May-June 2020

Why are we addicted to fossil fuels? Michael Moore's new film doesn't have the answer
Socialist Worker, 6 May 2020

Preventing Climate Chaos: Ideas that can win
Socialist Worker Canada, 30 July 2019

Is a Green Future Possible?
An interview with me about the book System Change not Climate Change

Socialist Worker, 29 June 2019

Can Eating Less Meat Stop Environmental Chaos?
Socialist Worker, 9 April 2019

Joseph Arch and the Revolt of the Fields
A piece I wrote marking the centenary of the agricultural trade unionist's death

Socialist Review, February 2019.

The Future's already here. My response to the Oct 2018 IPCC report
Socialist Review, November 2018. Translated into Turkish here.

Marx's Ecological Education
Book review of Kohei Saito's Karl Marx's Ecosocialism
Monthly Review, April 2018

Focus on China: The East is Green?

Socialist Review, February 2018

Nature, Labour and the Rise of Capitalism
Monthly Review, April 2017

A Common Treasury for All: Gerrard Winstanley's Vision of Utopia
International Socialism Journal 154, Spring 2017

Marxism and the Earth: A Defence of the Classical Tradition
Book review of Foster and Burkett: Marxism and the Earth
International Socialism Journal 153, Winter 2016/7

Food, Agriculture and Climate Change
International Socialism Journal 152, Autumn 2016

Can we Build a Sustainable Society?
Socialist Review, December 2015

Primitive Communism: Life before Class and Oppression
Socialist Worker, 28 May 2013

Socialist Review, July/August 2013

Climate Change: It's Even Worse than we Thought
International Socialism Journal 137, Winter 2012/3

Fiddling While Rome Burns: A Report from Rio
Irish Marxist Review, Volume 1 (No. 3), 2012

Silent Spring
On the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson's classic book
Socialist Review, November 2012

Extreme Energy
Socialist Review, May 2012

E is for Ecology
Socialist Review, October 2007

An Inconvenient Truth: A Warning to the World about Climate Change
Socialist Worker, 23 September 2006

The Myths of Nuclear Power
An interview with author and activist Helen Caldicott
Socialist Review, September 2006

Marxism on the Web
International Socialism Journal 105, Winter 2004/5

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